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Technical issues

Does the application work on Windows Mobile devices?

Guitar Trainer has been successfully tested on some Windows Mobile devices. As long as your phone has a Java VM, it should work fine. The easiest way to determine if this is the case is to try out the free demo. Please let us know if it didn't work on your device.

Some Windows Mobile devices (such as Pocket PC) don't seem to come with a Java VM preinstalled. However, one can be installed on these devices. This article has some good pointers on how to do this.

A common way to get Java support on Windows Mobile devices is to install the Esmertec JBed virtual machine. You may want to Google for it. It may also be found here and here. After installing JBed, you can then just visit in IE Mobile and install as usual.

Does the application work on Palm devices?

If your Palm device doesn't come with a Java VM, you will need to install one before you can install the game. You can download a copy of the IBM WebSphere JVM for Palm OS at MyTreo.

Does the application work on Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad?

Yes! Fretuoso is now available on the Apple App Store. It is a considerable improvement over the vintage Guitar Trainer app, so please check it out and get your copy now!

Fretuoso is a completely FREE version which includes evaluation versions of all available instruments.

My phone doesn't have Internet access. Can I still install the application?

This will really depend on the capabilities of your phone. In many cases, you may be able to use a memory card, cable or Bluetooth object exchange to send the JAR file for the application to your phone. Please consult your phone manual for information on what can be done. In any case, please try to install our free demo before purchasing Guitar Trainer.

How do I install the application on my BlackBerry smartphone?

BlackBerry smartphones are able to install Java applications pretty much like any other Java-enabled phone. We are now providing a native BlackBerry package (COD file) that your device should automatically pick up when installing over the air. Alternatively, you can also download the archive and copy it to your device through the RIM desktop software.

The application is now available through the BlackBerry App World store as well.

I get a message about "Application not signed" (or similar) when trying to install.

This message can be safely ignored and bypassed. The application certification process is a very expensive and convoluted process for an independent developer like myself. You can however be assured that no harm can come to your phone from installing this application. Guitar Trainer will not use up your data or voice plans either and is an entirely self-contained application.

I don't get any sound!

The current version of Guitar Trainer exhibited some inconsistent behavior with regards to sound among different devices. In most cases, tones can be produced just fine, but there may be some cases when it may just not work. Again, we suggest you try out the free demo on your phone to see if this works well for you. Make sure sound is enabled for Java applications in your phone preferences. Please let us know if you can't get any sound to work.

Also, remember that Guitar Trainer is still very useful without sound - you will still be able to considerably improve your knowledge of the fretboard visually.

The user interface is all black on my BlackBerry!

A bug in the BlackBerry Java implementation made Guitar Trainer unplayable on these devices prior to version 1.0.10. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest version if you are using a BlackBerry phone.